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Counselling assists with a variety of goals and concerns, including: improvement of mental wellness, clarifying of goals and direction, changing unwanted behaviours, life transitions, stress and anxiety, panic attacks, grief and loss, depression, substance use, self-esteem, and more. Virtual sessions are offered by phone or by secure video call.

I am committed to supporting people’s growth, healing, and self-discovery through engagement with the arts. I have extensive experience in the performing arts, which underscores my approach to wellness. I work in visual arts (drawing, painting, collage, clay, photography, multimedia), movement and dance, theatre arts, and poetry and writing. I have had a daily meditation practice for over a decade and am particularly interested in the relationship of mind, body, spirit. That said, I respect the various perspectives we each hold towards this concept, and value nature as a unifying cornerstone within all frameworks.

My approach to therapy focuses on the here and now, however, it can be necessary to review earlier life experiences to understand current patterns of behaviour. In such cases, I defer to a pace that feels manageable to you.

Elise is originally from Sydney Australia, and has an MA in Psychology with a minor in Spirituality Mind Body from Columbia University NYC, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology – Art Therapy from Adler University. Elise is a registered clinical counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, and a professional art therapist with BC Art Therapy Association and Canadian Art Therapy Association. In addition to directing The Woods, Elise works casually as a concurrent disorders counsellor with VCH, is an adjunct professor at Adler University, and a Board Member of Ballet BC.

I am committed to supporting people’s growth, healing, and self-discovery through engagement with... Read More

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